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SPA-TECH Proactive

Bedlinen Fabric

An advanced bedlinen fabric that helps your body rejuvenate & recover whilst you sleep thanks to the benefits of FAR infrared. An innovative and simple method to benefit

from this therapy at home...

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SPA-TECH Proactive Bedlinen Fabric

The benefits of FAR Infrared Therapy

Spa-Tech Proactive Bedlinen Fabric


Pillow Case & Pad

Increased blood flow and circulation.

Reduces aches and Inflammation.

FAR Infrared energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and FAR Infrared Therapy is being included in detoxification programmes by a growing number of Doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. Due to today’s elevated levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal, is often compromised. We've come up with a brilliant solution!


We offer an advanced fabric solution that helps your body rejuvenate & recover whilst you sleep thanks to the many benefits of FAR infrared. Minerals encased in Polyamide Fibres, which are spun and held in a multi-layer ‘spacer’ fabric, absorbs the warmth from the human body and returns it to the skin in the form of FIR. A simple method for you to benefit from this popular therapy by using our SleepSacks, Pillow Cases & Pads using this revolutionary new proactive bedlinen.

An effective & effortless way for you to enjoy the benefits of

FAR Infrared Ray Technology.

Enhanced concentration and general well-being.

Improves the removal of toxins & metabolic waste.

Helps body and skin regeneration especially when dieting.

Improved energy and performance recovery time.

Here are our fabulous launch products

Rejuvenation through Sleep

It will care for and repair your facial skin and muscle tissue whilst you sleep on it. This cosmetic Pillow cover and Pad is one of our exciting range of Proactive Revolutionary Game Changing Bedlinen.


During the day your face is exposed to the elements, its skin and muscle tissue never stops working, when you smile, frown, talk, eat, and laugh as well as all your other facial expressions. Now is the time to give it some help, why not reward it with some passive beauty treatment whilst you sleep, the built in Spa Tech Fabric Technology will convert the warmth from your face into an all-night relaxing, beneficial infra-red therapy.

Facial Therapy

Tip: You can use the pillow on its own or with extra pillow support. Whilst you are sleeping your natural sleep pattern will move your head from left to right generating the FIR back from the fabric. To achive the best results and keep your product clean, make sure that when you retire for the night, your face is free from make up and creams.

How it benefits your face

Helps you look younger by –Toning down wrinkles - Improves skin elasticity –   Accelerates muscle tissue recovery - Improves physical comfort and wellbeing

Spa-Tech cares for your body and face whilst you sleep. When your body ‘cries out’ for a complete rest, just put the SleepSack between your bed sheets and “snuggle in” without nightwear. the experience can become addictive.


Spa-Tech’ built in fabric technology will convert your body warmth into an all-night relaxing beneficial infrared therapy that will sooth and repair yesterday’s wear and tear. Its ability to tone up muscle tissue is of great incremental importance to both men and women who compete in amateur or professional sports. In fact, it’s a must have for anyone who wants to wake up with a born-again body.              

Body Therapy

Tip: Our SleepSack has a generous length of 200cm, so the use of an additional Pillow or Cushion Pad is optional. We’ve ensured a smooth inside surface for comfort by stiching the hem on the outside of the sack. and our sack made in one piece to remove the need for a zip fastener. Use the SleepSack on its own or with extra pillow support.

How it benefits your body

Helps your body by Smoothing out cellulite - Improves skin elasticity - Accelerates muscle tissue recovery - Improves physical comfort and wellbeing.

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Cushion Cover & Pad

Pillow Case


£120.00 each inc. vat

£45.00 each inc. vat

£49.00 each inc. vat

SIZE: 60cm x 60cm


SIZE: 60cm x 76cm


SIZE: 75cm x 200cm


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Due to high demand delivery is currently 12 weeks from order date. All orders are fulfilled in order of placement.

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Proudly made in Manchester UK by

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FREE UK Delivery

5-Year Guarantee

(normal wear & tear)

FREE UK Delivery

5-Year Guarantee

(normal wear & tear)

FREE UK Delivery

5-Year Guarantee

(normal wear & tear)


FAR Infrared Thermal Treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and energised...

*Need a larger sleep sack?  We can tailor for larger sizes. Call for a quote with your height, frame, chest and hip size.

For in-depth information on the science & research behind Spa-Tech, click here

Technical, trade or agency enquirers please contact the project leader David Acton: 07831 221796



Due to customer demand we are now offering fitted bottom sheets and semi fitted top sheets made with Spa-Tech fabric. Available in bunk, single, double, and king sizes, including adjustable beds, in metric or imperial sizes. We can even shape the sheets for caravans and boats, in fact any bespoke shape that fits your bed shape.


Call us with your bed size for an instant quote on: 01706 642 361